…are there no humans in Kiku’s stories?

Tokyo is a big, busy place. So big, in fact, that people don’t notice things right under their feet. And that’s where Kiku and his friends are – hidden in plain sight. The humans of Tokyo have quite enough to do already without getting involved in the adventures of a little red fox and his friends, so in turn we tend not to see the humans going about their business either.

Tokyo Monogatari tells some of the stories from Kiku’s 秘密の世界, himitsu no sekai (secret world), which runs along beside that of the human world. When Kiku and his friends visit an event like a matsuri or shop where many humans are also present, you might catch a glimpse of their shadows.


is a fox from England in Tokyo?

Kiku travelled to Japan seeking a better life following the death of his mother in England. See ‘Characters‘ page for more details.

Kiku is on a journey, to find out why his mother and grandfather knew so much about Japan, and to find a place for himself in this new country.


what does…

…tokyo monogatari mean?

Tokyo stories (or tales from Tokyo…)

Through the tales told here we will learn about Kiku’s journey, the lives of his friends and a little about Tokyo and Japan. The seasonal almanac posts give an insight into the seasons of the Kanto region and the observations made about them.